Mindful minimalism means letting go of extra things to find more purpose in your day to day life. Mindful minimalists adopt this lifestyle to let go of guilt, stress and to gain peace of mind.

If you are new to minimalism you may not know there are six types of minimalists. Regardless of your reasons behind becoming a minimalist, I believe mindfulness stands at the base of minimalism. All minimalists must be mindful of the things they purchase and what they hold onto. So I would recommend you start your minimalism journey as a mindful minimalist, then gradually implement other minimalism habits, like sustainability and frugality. If you try to do it all at once you will set yourself up for failure. First you adjust your mindset, then your lifestyle.


How mindful minimalism changes your life

Mindful minimalism peached you how unimportant certain things are, how much less you need and how much more free time you gain when you don’t have to hundreds of extra items to tend to, or organize. And the latter is definitely what motivated me the most to become a mindful minimalist. Time is our most precious currency, so anything that gives us more of it is worth considering.

Another way mindful minimalism can change your life is by removing that feeling of longing for things you can’t have. I remember when I was in my early 20’s wanting all these things that richer people had. I thought life would be so much better with designer clothes, expensive jewelry and luxury cars. But then I had the opportunity to live this lifestyle and I was more miserable than before. It was exhausting to try to keep up with the high society and pretend like your life is better because of all these fancy things.

To conclude, mindful minimalism can change your life by making it more meaningful, which leaves you feeling more content.

How to get started

Becoming a minimalist was a two year process for me. I knew I was overwhelmed by the many things I had and I was feed up with thinking about the next best thing to buy. But I wasn’t sure where to start, or how to achieve minimalism. So I have compiled everything I learned, minus the mistakes I made into the guide below, which I hope will make your transition to minimalism easier, faster and more enjoyable.

mindful minimalism
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